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I’m Wendy: a breakfast loving 50-something Aussie, here to help you live a healthy lifestyle on your terms.

I’m a Precision Nutrition certified coach and this is where I share my blog tips & healthy recipes. Over at The Healthy Normal Revolution monthly membership is where we get down to the nitty gritty!

You can read more about my personal story in this blog post.

Wendy's Way

Why Wendy’s Way?

I’ve done it myself (lost my way, health wise and got back on track) and I’ve already helped lots of others, so I know that I can help you, too! My philosophy is based on the Precision Nutrition system that’s been proven to help thousands worldwide.

I’m sick of all the BS and confusion surrounding weight loss and healthy living. So I wanted to create something that’s easy to follow and  that works. It takes the hassle and confusion out of making healthy changes. And most importantly, it allows you to still live a normal life and feel like you.

Let’s face it, most of the programs and systems out there are either really extreme, complicated or they’re just not long enough. Basically they’re not sustainable in the long term, or they’re not realistic for those of us who don’t want to radically change our lives.

That’s why it’s time for a Healthy Normal Revolution!

The Healthy Normal Revolution is for you if:

tick iconyou’re sick of ‘dieting’ and all of the restrictions and deprivation that go along with it

tick iconyou like to be active and stay fit without spending hours in the gym every day

tick iconyou want easy and ongoing access to recipes, resources, courses, cheat sheets, planners, how-to’s, forms, reports, info, tips & advice (think PDF’s and short videos), accountability, expert interviews, fitness guidance and discounts on products and services all in one place where you can also share your experiences with others in an inspiring and motivating community!

Phew! If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. I want you to have everything you need, in one place, whenever you need it. No time limits or restrictions and updated regularly.

Visit the program page to find out more.

 “Small but consistent changes are the key to phenomenal long term results.”


“For all my friends who are trying to loose weight, I can’t recommend Wendy’s Way to Health, high enough. She’s amazing and is always on board to help you reach your goal. And her recipes are so yummy but uber healthy! I’m not the best person, at mo, with staying on top of healthy eating but I know Wendy has my back and will guide me back on the right road!”


“When I started doing this I was feeling quite low about my size and wanted some help. Honestly I wasn’t sure if it was going to work as I have done diets etc before. You have given me the knowledge and confidence to change to a healthier lifestyle. Now I feel great, 3 sizes down and counting. I have more energy and just feel better in myself. It was easier than I thought, I have never felt like I’m missing out and I have never felt I was doing this alone. Thank you.”


You can join the Wendy’s Way community today (for free) and start receiving tips, info & advice on healthy living, plus free weekly recipes. 

I’ll even send you a free menu planner to get you started planning some easy, healthy meals!

Do you need a simple meal planner that really works? This is a planner that you might actually stick with!

And I'll send you some helpful tips & info to make getting started easy!

Wendy's Way

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