I don’t count calories and I don’t spend hours in the gym.

The “diet” I follow is to eat the foods that suit my body and my lifestyle.

The simple truth is that looking after yourself takes consistent daily effort.

Is it hard work? Sometimes, yes.

Is it worth it? Always, yes!

Get to know me and Wendy’s Way

First things first: it’s not my job to tell you to follow a certain diet, or to eat exactly as I do, or to train the same way I do.

Because, you’re not me!

Different things work for different people. My expertise is helping you to figure out what works best for you.
It’s not rocket science, but it can be hard to do it on your own, or to know where to start.

And you know what? That’s okay! Everything is easier with a little bit of guidance and support, including managing our health.

A few fun facts about me

1. I met, and married, my husband Jayson, on a tropical island in North Queensland.

2. We had our honeymoon in Paris, and then lived in the UK for several years, running pubs.

3. I once (unintentionally!) took a shower with a bird eating spider.

4.I used to be super fit in the 90’s. I worked as a trainer, taught aerobics classes and in my spare time I did triathlons & half marathons.

5. The UK is where I was born, but I grew up in Australia. I’ve lived in a lot of different places, including Ayers Rock Resort and Dunk Island.

6. My favourite place to be is at the beach. Walking, running or just to clear the cobwebs.

7. My first career was in fashion, and I also worked in hospitality for a few years. Health & fitness has always been my true passion though, and what I do best.

8. I love to have a glass of wine with dinner – Pinot Grigio is my favourite.

9. I’m a big Netflix fan. Jayson and I watch our favourite shows most nights after dinner. 

You can read my story in THIS BLOG POST

I’ve got lots of healthy recipes and general healthy living articles here on the blog.
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Why The Healthy Normal Revolution?

What would happen if you stopped thinking about your health & fitness as “all or nothing” and instead, just made one tiny change?

Progress, that’s what would happen!

The Healthy Normal Revolution is a monthly membership program where you have access to my Healthy Living 101 course, recipe library, training library, and lots of other videos, fact sheets and resources.

I call it getting the best of both worlds, because you have the general guidelines to get you started. And then you have me to help you tweak and personalise things as you go.

There’s no pressure or deadlines: just support, accountability and progress.

 “Small but consistent changes are the key to phenomenal long term results.”

“It’s definitely value for money. I’ve tried a few online programs and though they are great short term, they’re not sustainable unless you have no family to think of, endless funds and time to spend half your week in the kitchen!  

I find them to be a massive change all at the beginning and then you you feel like a failure if you miss something. I love the idea of your program that allows me to make the changes slowly and really work on something that fits into my life!
Thank you Wendy, you have really opened my eyes to an achievable healthy lifestyle. The recipes I’ve tried so far have been delicious and I’m really looking forward to taking part in some workouts!”


“I really needed to become more organised and more adventurous with my meals. Wendys great list of recipes and sample meal planners has really helped me. I have now become that bit more organised with my shopping and food prep and hope that this will prevent food waste. I love the fact that with the Healthy Normal Revolution, I can get meal ideas, fitness plans and advice from Wendy whenever I need it.”



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