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The Brekkie Challenge will help you improve your diet, no matter whether you’re just starting out and looking to make some healthy changes, or a seasoned pro in need of some inspiration and accountability.

The Challenge runs 3 times per year, in January, May and September.

It’s based in my Wendy’s Way Community Facebook group, to make sure you get plenty of support and accountability, along with daily emails from me throughout the challenge.

Next challenge starts May 15th, 2017

But you can get a head start now! Join my breakfast mini e-course. It’s free and you’ll also get 3 downloadable fact sheets to help you on your way to breakfast awesomeness! 

banana muesli
coconut porridge
egg muffins

When you join the brekkie challenge, you’ll eat a healthy breakfast every day, for 5 days.

I’ll make it easy by sending you everything you need to create simple, great tasting breakfasts.

choc smoothie bowl
Before we start, I’ll send you the recipes, and a list of essentials so you can shop, plan & prepare. It’s entirely up to you which breakfast you choose each day, so mix and match them to suit to suit your schedule. The recipes are all easy to prepare and make and of course, they all taste fantastic! Jump into the Facebook group to share your pics each day and be inspired by everyone else’s creations. We’ve got an awesome group of community members who will motivate and support you along the way.


By the end of this easy brekkie challenge you’ll be well on your way to a great new healthy habit. You’ll also be setting yourself up each day with more energy and better focus & concentration. And it’s been shown that people who eat a good breakfast are less inclined to eat a sugary morning snack and may even eat less at other meals through the rest of the day. How good is that?

peach porridge

Facebook group comments from previous Challenges:

Julie testimonial
Amanda testimonial
Leanne testimonial
Amy testimonial
boiled eggs
green smoothie
brekkie bowl
I joined the last brekkie challenge with Wendy and it was great because we had to share what we were having on each day, so kind of make me a little bit more organised in shopping wisely to have what I need it for the morning. Also gave me variety and seeing the other posts I thought I have to try that one! So they say sharing is caring. I don’t pass a day without breakfast now I always have chopped frozen fruit, for those days I’m on the rush and I can make myself a Nutritious Smoothie. Meals don’t have to be complicated, Just try to be a bit organised. And I have accomplished that!
– Monica
Thank you Wendy and the group for all your support through the breakfast challenge! Being accountable to a great group of people really helped to motivate me. I found trying to come up with new recipes really refreshing and enjoyed the variety. It certainly opened my eyes to all the great options out there!
– Sarah

Next challenge starts May 15th, 2017

But you can get a head start now by joining my free breakfast mini e-course.  You’ll also get 3 downloadable cheat sheets to help you on your way to breakfast awesomeness! 

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