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This is post number three in the series discussing the most common excuses that people use for not following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In this series, I’m expanding on my Slideshare presentation where I explain how you can overcome these perceived obstacles. (You can also check out the Slideshare if you have a minute).

My aim today is to help you understand that healthy living isn’t as complicated as some people would like you to believe! And if, by the end of this post, you feel more confident that it is possible for you to make some healthy changes, then I’ve done my job.

healthy brekkie

Let’s start with my description of healthy eating: it’s eating a variety of real, whole foods every day and minimal amounts of processed, packaged and junk food. We’re talking about preparing and cooking most of your own meals using fresh ingredients and having the occasional treat or take away.

And no, we’re not talking about slaving in the kitchen for hours at a time, creating complex gourmet dishes! Keep it simple and add flavour with herbs and spices.

Not really complicated, is it? Of course it takes time to prepare and cook your meals. Like everything, though, the more you do it, the faster and easier it gets! And if you don’t cook much, I don’t recommend that you change everything all at once, anyway – that’s just too hard! You can ease yourself into it by using a meal prep/delivery or pick up service. There are tons of them around these days, just make sure that you choose one that’s local to you and that they use fresh, whole ingredients. (If they’re supplying frozen meals, you’ll likely find that they’re high in additives and preservatives, something you want to avoid).

Another way to get started that I like to recommend to clients is to simply add more veggies to your meals. It’s easy to do and you’ll find yourself eating less of the not so good stuff when you make room for vegetables on your plate.


The best thing you can do though is meal planing & preparation. I’m sure you’ve heard the quote: “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Spend a little bit of time on Saturday or Sunday morning planning your meals for the week ahead. Then go shopping and buy what you’ll need.


failing to plan

When you get home, chop your veggies and portion into containers. Pre-cook some meat like chicken breasts & burgers and even cook a meal or two to go in the freezer for later in the week. Then you know you’re set up to eat good, healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen every night.

Whenever you do cook a meal, double the recipe so you’ll have leftovers to re-heat for quick & easy lunches or dinners.



Snacks are important too, so don’t forget to whip up some healthy treats, either raw or cooked, to keep on hand in the freezer.


And when you just don’t feel like cooking, but still want something healthy, use your local delivery/pick up service that I mentioned earlier instead of traditional take-aways.



 So as you can see, all it takes is some planning and preparation. And as with anything, it gets faster and easier the more you do it.


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