Quick & Easy Oat Cookies – Just 2 Ingredients

This easy, healthy recipe for oat cookies is my favourite. They can be whipped up in no time with just two main ingredients. They’re also really versatile, because you just add whatever extras you have on hand or feel like at the time.

I love making these for an afternoon snack – because they’re so quick, they can be baking while you brew a pot of tea (rooibos or green, of course!)  Then you’ve got fresh baked, still warm from the oven cookies with a refreshing cup of tea.

Add nuts and choc chips, then serve them up to the kids for a healthy after school snack. 

2 Ingredient Oat Cookies
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  1. 1 mashed banana. 1 cup dry oats. Mix together. That’s it!
  1. raisins, berries, nuts, protein powder, honey, peanut butter, choc chips, dried fruit or whatever takes your fancy!
  1. Mix everything in a bowl with your hands and then scoop on to a baking tray in individual portions.
  2. Bake at 170-180℃ for 10-15 min or until slightly golden
  3. Makes 4 – 6 cookies, depending on size.
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Quick, easy & yummy 2 ingredient oat cookies
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