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The Healthy Normal Revolution is about realistically being the healthiest version of you. It’s about being ready to admit that fad diets don’t last and you don’t have time to exercise yourself half to death every day.

But you do have time to make one or two changes.


It’s not rocket science: you know you should eat more veggies & whole foods and less junk/packaged foods. But why aren’t you doing it? You probably think you don’t have time or that it’s too difficult, because we’re so conditioned to the “all or nothing” approach.

You know what I mean. There are loads of diet programs out there promising amazing results in just 8 or 12 weeks – you’ll finally be able to lose weight and have the body of your dreams!


About The Healthy Normal Revolution

We all love the idea of a makeover and if you work really hard, you can get some great results. That’s my point, tho. Transformations and drastic changes take a lot of hard work to achieve. Then it can be even harder to maintain those hard earned results. More than likely you won’t keep it up and before too long you’ll slip back into comfortable old habits.

But now, there’s another option! The Healthy Normal Revolution is about keeping it real; making a few changes you know you’ll be able to stick with. And support, which is the biggest key to success. As long as you’re a member you’ll have access to the program and all of the tools and resources you’ll ever need.

About The Healthy Normal Revolution

Among the resources you’ll find progress reports, menu planners, cheat sheets, quick tip & how-to videos, guest interviews covering a variety of topics. and a range of discounts & offers on products and services.

We’ve also got recipe & training libraries so you can personalise your planners and make sure they work specifically for you.

You can track your progress and be accountable by uploading progress logs. Not to mention monthly cash rewards – just in case you need some extra motivation!

About The Healthy Normal Revolution

You can chat in the forum with other members for inspiration, support or just to swap ideas & information. And of course, you’ll be able to ask me questions whenever you need to.

The courses, resources, libraries and offers are continually being added to as we grow. So we’re just going to get bigger and better over time!

It’s time to say no to fad diets and extreme makeovers that don’t last. Get real with The Healthy Normal Revolution.

Join The Healthy Normal Revolution
Join The Healthy Normal Revolution
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