Change is hard, but jumping from diet to diet is exhausting. Isn’t it time to try something different?

I’m here to help you quit dieting and calorie counting for good. You don’t need to deprive yourself of your favourite foods, or put your life on hold, either.

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Start by downloading this free planner that shows you how to eat the right amounts of the right foods for YOU. It’s personalised, yet easy to follow, so you’ll be progressing towards your goals in no time at all!

Through The Healthy Normal Revolution, I’m helping women jump off the diet roller coaster for good. We’re all different and the best way to make real, lasting change is to find what works best for you. One step at a time, in a supportive community of like minded women, I’ll guide you to your health & fitness goals. 

Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the kitchen; no one’s got time for that!

My simple, delicious recipes are good for you and they taste great too.

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Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

Immune Boosting Foods When cold and flu season is in full swing, I rely on my favourite natural ways to avoid any nasty bugs that are going around. If you're like me and prefer natural remedies over conventional medicines, then read on! I believe that prevention is...

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Matcha Protein Balls

Well I finally got myself some Matcha powder to experiment with. The first thing I did was make myself a cup of tea so that I could get an idea of the flavour. As a hot drink, I think it tastes quite similar to the Japanese and Chinese Sencha's that are my favourite...

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Quick and Easy Guacamole

Guacamole in no time at all! I make this guacamole recipe all the time as it's so quick and easy to whip up.  Guacamole is a great way to make avocado a little bit more interesting and you can use it in a number of different ways. Serve it as a delish, healthy...

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Strawberry Tart

  This strawberry tart recipe is one that has taken me a while to develop to the point where I'm really happy with it. That's not to say I won't adapt it down the track; I mean that's half the fun, our recipes evolve with us to suit our needs at that particular...

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Top Excuses for Not Eating Healthy – Number 4

  Top Excuses #4: Healthy Food is Boring  We're up to post number four in this series of six, about busting the most common myths surrounding a healthy lifestyle. In this series, I’m expanding on my Slideshare presentation titled Cupcakes vs. Rice cakes and...

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Berry Bliss Balls

Raw Berry Bliss Balls These bliss balls came about one afternoon when I wanted an energising afternoon snack, but something different. So I thought I'd try my hand at some fruit flavouring. My usual handy go-to bliss ball recipe is chocolate based and you can find...

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“There’s no right or wrong way to live a healthy lifestyle. Because there isn’t just one way.”

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