Have you had enough of unrealistic diet and exercise programs that don’t last because they’re just too hard to stick to?

So have I and that’s why I created The Healthy Normal Revolution!

Does this sound like you?

you want to be a bit healthier and still have a normal life 

you want to eat healthy meals, but they need to taste great and be easy to cook

you’re not interested in calorie counting or cutting out your favourite foods

you want to be active and have more energy, without killer workouts every day


Wendy's Way

I hear you and I totally get it, because I feel exactly the same way!

So I thought it was about time someone created a solution just for you.

The Healthy Normal Revolution is proving that you can live a normal, healthy lifestyle without resorting to diet restrictions and extreme exercise.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of seeing advert after advert in my social media news feeds promising amazing transformations. Don’t get me wrong, I love being healthy, but I’m also realistic. I know that the results from these extreme programs usually don’t last very long.

You might be able to commit to a strict program for 8 or 12 weeks, but what happens after that? How many times have you started a new diet and exercise program, with high hopes and expectations and then given up because it was just too hard to stick to long term? 

I call this the diet roller coaster and it leaves you feeling like a failure when it’s actually not your fault at all! 

That’s right, it’s not your fault – the problem is with those programs, not you!


Why you’re gonna love it ……

Everything you need in one place – stop searching all over the internet, getting confused and not knowing who or what to believe. The answers are all here in one place.

No pressure: you have ongoing access so you can take it one step at a time and make some real, long lasting changes.

Get started straight away, with instant access to the video guides, workouts, recipes, course, PDF downloads and much more.

Get the support and motivation you need to stay on track and achieve your goals. Ask questions in the forum, share your progress, get help from me and chat with the other members.

Wendy's Way

Course & Guides

The course guides you through implementing healthy changes, from setting realistic goals, to portion control, tracking your progress, simple motivation techniques that work and much more. The quick tips videos and reminders will keep you on track.

Wendy's Way

Recipe Library

You’ll find loads of simple, great tasting recipes in our recipe library, along with quick cooking tips & how-to’s. And it’s updated regularly. 

Wendy's Way
Exercise & Training

You don’t need a gym membership when you’re a Healthy Normal Revolution member! We’ve got you covered with workouts you can do at home, designed by our awesome Personal Trainers. Mix and match our short videos for a different workout every time; you’ll never be bored or stuck for workout inspiration.

Wendy's Way


You’ll save money with our members only product discounts and our list of resources gives you reliable places to find other health related services. 

Wendy's Way

Swap info, tips & feedback and get motivation and support from our fab community. You can share your progress, ask questions and get help from me too!

Take a look inside The Healthy Normal Revolution

Let me give you a quick peek inside so you can experience it all for yourself! 

We really do have everything you need all together in one place, so come and check it out.

A Little Bit About Wendy

Hi, I’m Wendy. Like lots of women, I know what it’s like to lose your way and struggle to regain your health & fitness. I’ve been there and learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. Now I’d like to help you do the same in a stress-free environment and with support from others who understand exactly what you’re going through.

I created The Healthy Normal Revolution because I’m sick of seeing all the BS and confusion surrounding weight loss and healthy living. I’m a Precision Nutrition certified coach and I use their proven methods that have already helped thousands of people worldwide.

Wendy's Way

“It’s definitely value for money. I’ve tried a few online programs and though they are great short term, they’re not sustainable unless you have no family to think of, endless funds and time to spend half your week in the kitchen!  

I find them to be a massive change all at the beginning and then you you feel like a failure if you miss something. I love the idea of your program that allows you to make the changes slowly and really work on something that fits into your life!
Thank you Wendy, you have really opened my eyes to an achievable healthy lifestyle. The recipes I’ve tried so far have been delicious and I’m really looking forward to taking part in some workouts!”

So what are you waiting for?

Come join The Healthy Normal Revolution now!

If you’re ready to take back control and really enjoy living a healthy lifestyle on your terms, just choose your payment option and click the button below to become a member today!

Still Not Quite Sure?

Don’t worry, I get it! I’ve tried my best to show you what’s inside The Healthy Normal Revolution, but maybe you need some extra reassurance. 

There are no contracts or commitments, it’s simple and transparent: your membership is month-by-month (unless you choose the yearly option) and you can cancel at any time if you decide it’s not the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Got questions? Let me try to answer them for you here ……
Who's The Healthy Normal Revolution for?
Anyone who wants to make a few changes to their diet and lifestyle without restrictions and extremes. And anyone who’s already living a healthy lifestyle and wants some extra support and guidance, along with the discounts and cash prize rewards we have for our members.
What do I get? What's included in my membership?
A lot more than you’re probably expecting! There’s the video course of my program to guide you through making changes, goal setting, motivation, portion control, mindful eating, what foods you should aim to eat more (and less) of, dealing with cravings and lapses, motivation and staying on track. Then there’s the recipe library with healthy recipes, cooking tips and how-to videos. A collection of expert interviews giving advice on subjects like emotional eating, motivation, fashion & styling tips, and how to decide what you really want to train for. A fitness library with quick workout videos you can do anywhere and exclusive programs from our Personal Trainers. Discounts on a variety of products & services. Best of all, (just in case you need more motivation), you can win monthly cash prizes. And finally, you’ll get support in the community forum: ask questions, bounce ideas around and make friends with like-minded people.
So is it just another diet?
No, definitely not! The Healthy Normal Revolution is about helping you make long-term, lasting changes to your lifestyle. It will take time; how much time depends on how many changes you want to make tho – so please don’t expect dramatic results overnight, that’s not what we’re about. I won’t rush you through and expect you to do it all in just 8 or 12 weeks. We’re all about common sense and achieving your goals within a realistic time frame that suits you and your lifestyle. You’ll have access to everything in the members area as long as you remain a member. It’s all there for you as and when you need it.
How long do I have to sign up for?
That’s entirely up to you. It’s an ongoing monthly membership, so you can join for one month, one year or however long you like! I like to think that once you’ve joined, you’ll see how much value you’re getting and you’ll stick around for a long time! You’ll have access to everything inside the members area as long as you’re a paying member. So you don’t have to rush through any of it. And don’t forget about the members only discounts and rewards that you can take advantage of.
Will following your program mean totally giving up junk food?
The answer to this one is yes and no! The program will guide you and give you suggestions and ideas for healthy meals, but there’s definitely room for treats. You’ll learn how to replace sugary, refined foods with healthier options, but you’ll quickly see that there are healthier versions of just about everything and they taste really good too. You’ll also find that as your taste buds adapt from the flavour of foods laden with refined sugar and trans fats to nutrient dense real foods, you’ll actually enjoy junk food less and less.
Will I have to eat special “diet” foods?
The good news here is no, but you should be prepared to spend time in your kitchen preparing and cooking most of your meals. I won’t ask you to eat anything you don’t like; you’ll be eating foods that you choose and foods that you like, but you will have to do some planning and prep. And there’s always the option of using a healthy meal service if you really don’t want to cook, or to give yourself a night off.
Are there any contracts or cancellation fees?
No not at all. Your membership is on a month-by-month basis and you can cancel at any time, no questions asked, without any fees.
Do I need to give notice if I wish to cancel my membership?
No, all you have to do is send an email to support@wendyswaymembers.com and we’ll take care of it for you.
Do I have to count calories or weigh myself everyday?
Absolutely not! At The Healthy Normal Revolution we don’t believe in counting calories or jumping on your scales everyday. The emphasis is on being healthy and active and finding what works best for you.
I'm worried about following a plan and being hungry, will that be an issue?
No, not at all. You don’t have to follow my program. But if you do, you’ll start by using the portion control guidelines and then adjust them to suit your hunger, activity levels, etc. The idea is to enjoy a wide variety of healthy foods and feel satisfied, not deprived.
I don't need to lose a lot of weight, I just want to get healthy. Is this right for me?
Yes, we have extensive recipe and training libraries and the all the tools you need, whether you’re looking to lose body fat, get fit, or just live a healthy lifestyle.
What's included, do I have to buy any extras after I join?
There are no hidden extras, just your monthly membership fee. In fact, you might even find that you save money by taking advantage of the the members only offers and discounts we have available.
What kind of guidance will I get?
The vidoe course will guide you step by step and there’s a variety of downloadable PDF’s, cheat sheets, tips, info and reports. There’s an extensive recipe library and how-to videos You’ll get plenty of support in the forum and there’s even the opportunity to join The Premier Club for more individualised accountability.
If there’s anything you’re not sure about, or you have any questions, please contact support@wendyswaymembers.com.
“The Healthy Normal Revolution website really is a great one stop shop for everything that you need for a healthy happy lifestyle. There are some great exercise ideas and really tasty looking recipes that I’m looking forward to trying. All that as well as readily available advice from Wendy anytime you need it.” Doug

“I really needed to become more organised and more adventurous with my meals. Wendys great list of recipes and sample meal planners has really helped me. I have now become that bit more organised with my shopping and food prep and hope that this will prevent food waste. I love the fact that with the Healthy Normal Revolution, I can get meal ideas, fitness plans and advice from Wendy whenever I need it.” Mandy

Come join The Healthy Normal Revolution now!
If you’re ready to take back control and really enjoy living a healthy lifestyle on your terms, just choose your payment option and click the button below to become a member today!

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