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I like to keep things simple, so you’ll find that my recipes are pretty quick and easy to make. I believe that looking after yourself shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming. You should be able to create tasty, healthy meals and treats for all the family, without too much fuss.

About my ingredients: you don’t need to go out of your way or buy things you’ve never heard of to make my recipes. You’ll find most of the ingredients in the “health food” and baking sections of the supermarket (in Australia, anyway).

I like to use fresh, organic fruit and vegetables where possible. You may or may not be able to (for whatever reason), so just choose the best quality that you can! To sweeten, I use local raw honey, Rice Malt Syrup, and pure Maple Syrup.

I use cow’s milk, cream and coconut milk, but feel free to use nut milks if you’d rather (just check labels for additives, artificial sweeteners & sugar). Instead of traditional flours, I use almond meal, buckwheat flour, flaxseed, teff, coconut and oat flours (just grind whole oats in a blender).

Don’t forget that sweet treats are best enjoyed after exercise and portion sizes are still important – just because they’re made with real and natural ingredients doesn’t mean you should eat the whole thing in one sitting!

One last thing, I take all of the photos myself, with my iPhone. So please don’t be too critical!



The best healthy breakfasts by Wendy's Way to Health

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