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Here you’ll find printable fact sheets and infographics to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Simply click the button, then enter your name and email to download any of these free resources. This will also add you to the free Wendy’s Way Community and you’ll get my healthy living tips, info & free recipes delivered to your inbox each week.

food diary

This simple food and training diary will give you a snapshot of your current lifestyle. Use it to record everything you eat and drink and all of your exercise for 7 days, analyse your results & make changes.

Wendy's Way to Health 5 steps to eating better

Take some easy steps towards eating better today. Download this free fact sheet, then print it out to keep in your kitchen as a handy reminder.

Wendy's Way to Health meal planner & shopping list

Use this simple planner to organise your meals each week and make a shopping list as you go of the ingredients you need to shop for. Click the button to download.

Wendy's Way to Health free playlist pack

These are three of my favourite workout playlists I use in the gym and when I’m out running.
Feel free to download and use them to inspire you to go harder and faster when you’re training too!

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