What Wendy’s happy clients have to say



“The food diary is such a great idea, it’s really opened my eyes! I think if everyone done one for a week it would show them where they are going wrong without even having to have someone tell them.”


West Sussex, UK

“When I started doing this I was feeling quite low about my size and wanted some help. Honestly I wasn’t sure if it was going to work as I have done diets etc before. You have given me the knowledge and confidence to change to a healthier lifestyle. Now I feel great, 3 sizes down and counting. I have more energy and just feel better in myself. It was easier than I thought, I have never felt like I’m missing out and I have never felt I was doing this alone. Thank you.”


Geelong, Aus

“I’ve dropped two dress sizes so far following Wendy’s program. I’ve still got a way to go, but now I’m not stressing about a time frame because I’m not on a ‘diet’ anymore. I’ve learned how to change my habits and make better choices than I used to.”


Geelong, Aus

“This e-Guide is a gift to anyone who wants to lose weight and become healthy. It sets out a simple yet comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing, including how to eat healthily, exercise well and stay motivated, long term. In addition, Wendy has generously filled the book with useful tips and ideas drawn from her 5years as a professional health coach, all set out in an easy to read, chatty format. Best of all, people who follow her e-Guide have additional advice and support from her private Facebook group. This is the total package!”

Jimmy Todorovski

PT, Geelong’s Gym

“I must admit after reading “Wendy’s Way to Health ” self guided program, I was completely blown away with the content. Myself being a personal trainer for 7 years I’ve read a few health books, but Wendy’s guide definitely ticks all the right boxes. I find it supports you from the beginning of your health and fitness journey to ongoing help, support and motivation. As a trainer I’ve seen clients who are very mislead with food labelling, what’s healthy and not so healthy and foods that they can still eat on moderation without feeling guilty. Wendy’s guide covers all those topics so thoroughly and makes it so much easier for those that are complete novices in health and fitness.A must read !!!!”

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