A Roundup of My Favourites to Date ……

This post is for anyone wondering where I get my inspiration and ideas from.  These are my favourite websites and Facebook pages, the ones that I go to and trust for healthy, nutritious recipes, fitness inspiration and the latest nutrition research and information.

So lets start with food! If you visit my website regularly, you’ll know that I love to make my own healthy snacks and I especially love baking healthy versions of traditional cakes, biscuits, slices and muffins. I also enjoy trying new healthy breakfast ideas that challenge the common belief of what a traditional breakfast should be. Sometimes I come up with my own recipes, sometimes I adapt other people’s and sometimes I just make their divine creations!

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The following is a list of my favourite food websites. They all have free recipes which they also share on Facebook:

1. www.jamieoliver.com I know that people seem to either love or hate Jamie – personally I adore him and everything that he does to promote healthy eating to the world, especially for kids. I also have his 15 minute meals cookbook.

2. www.wholefoodsimply.com I particularly love Bianca’s snack recipes. She has loads of amazing healthy recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth – cakes, slices, biscuits, etc and she posts her recipes to Facebook regularly. I find myself bookmarking so many of her delicious sounding treats that its hard to get around to making them all! Bianca has recipe books for sale on her website too.

3. www.danielchurchill.com.au Dan has great recipes for healthy sweet treats and also some pretty awesome healthy breakfasts. His creamy chocolate porridge with banana nut butter inspired me to come up with some delicious porridges of my own. And I just finished making one of his latest recipes – peanut butter and banana muffins. They are pretty yummy and quick and easy to make.

4. www.greatist.com This website has a bit of everything; their blog articles cover all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and are written by many different contributors and experts in health and fitness. I follow their Facebook page and then click on whatever appears in my newsfeed that catches my eye. Sometimes it will be a delicious sounding recipe, sometimes a great sounding workout and other times it might be fitness or nutrition advice/information.

5. www.thehealthychef.com This is another one of my favourites for healthy recipes and I think the best healthy banana bread recipe.  You can also buy natural and organic protein powders and supplements here. I am going to try their protein powder as soon as I have finished my current supply.

6. www.nadialim.com Nadia has a huge range of great recipes to choose from, depending on your taste.

7. www.movenourishbelieve.com This is Lorna Jane’s website that has a bit of everything about healthy living – you can read some inspiring articles or find a yummy recipe.

8. www.rawambition.com.au This website belongs to a Geelong local and as the name suggests its all about raw food.  So if you’re curious about raw food, have a look and try some of the delicious recipes.

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The following list is my go to experts for nutrition, wellness or fitness information:

1. www.precisionnutrtion.com These are the gurus that I learned from and am certified with and they are my number one source of nutrition information and research. They are always on top of the latest trends and they present balanced research and science so that you can then make an informed decision.

2. www.bengreenfieldfitness.com Ben has some great fitness and nutrition resources, along with a quirky outlook. He has some very interesting and informative podcasts with experts from all different fields.

3. www.authoritynutrition.com The blog posts that you will find on this site are all based on scientific evidence and research.

4. www.davidwolfe.com  David Wolfe is a very interesting character with an incredible amount of knowledge about health and wellness.  There are short videos on this site that cover some very interesting subjects.

5. www.thatsugarfilm.com Another handy resource for factual information about health eating and lowering your sugar intake.

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And finally if you just need a bit of general inspiration and motivation, I recommend following these guys on Facebook:

  1. Bar Brothers
  2. Run the Edge
  3. I <3 to Run
  4. Frank Medrano
  5. Female Fitness Models

Please share with me in the comments below if you like my list and if there are any others that I haven’t mentioned that you like to follow.

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