About “Bridging the Gap” and “Forever Fierce”

You may remember The Fierce 50 campaign back in February, that I was very fortunate to be part of. Fifty women bloggers over the age of 50 came together to celebrate midlife and show that our experience is very different from our mothers’ generation.

Well now we’re back to change perceptions again! We’re uniting generations; specifically the Millennial and Midlife demographics. Bridging the Gap is about blurring boundaries and encouraging reciprocal mentorship.

What exactly is reciprocal mentorship? To use the words of our fierce leader, Catherine Grace O’Connell: “it’s a new and empowered way of bringing the generations together by each sharing their unique gifts with the other.”

I’m so thrilled to be participating in this groundbreaking campaign and to have the privilege of getting to know my Millennial partner, Cassie.

The Bridging the Gap campaign aims to blur the boundaries between generations.

Meet Cassie

Now let me introduce you to Cassie, from Be Forever Healthier.

Cassie lives in Brisbane with her partner Adam, who is also her chief recipe tester and behind-the-scenes blog techie.

We first met a few months ago when Cassie was looking for guest post contributors for her blog. 

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Cassie, as we’ve discovered we share the same beliefs that a healthy lifestyle should be about balance and common sense.

We’ve had some great chats about what works and doesn’t work and our shared frustrations of the crazy fads and “pop culture” diets that women of all ages fall prey to.

The Bridging the Gap campaign aims to blur the boundaries between generations.
The Bridging the Gap campaign aims to blur the boundaries between generations.
Cassie was born in Brisbane and has lived there for most of her life. She has a degree in business and had planned on working in public relations, but the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 made it difficult to find work after she graduated.

So Cassie worked in collections for Telstra for four years and then moved to Melbourne. After being made redundant in 2013, Cassie decided to indulge her inner wanderlust!

She travelled throughout Europe and the UK for six months, with her mother and cousin, which presented a unique opportunity to travel with family, that she loved.

The Bridging the Gap campaign aims to blur the boundaries between generations.
Cassie’s next job upon returning home to Brisbane wasn’t particularly inspiring, but it is where she met Adam! After he was made redundant, Adam started his own IT business. So Cassie decided to leave too, so she could help him and also start her own passion project, “Be Forever Healthier”.

Cassie’s done her fair share of yo-yo dieting and gym fads over the years too. She most recently tried the Paleo diet and then went Vegan for a little while, preferring now to just eat what she likes, in the right amounts. She exercises regularly, but not obsessively and likes to mix things up to stay motivated.

The Bridging the Gap campaign aims to blur the boundaries between generations.
The Bridging the Gap campaign aims to blur the boundaries between generations.

Cassie’s blog is still quite new, she launched it in January 2017 and she does plan to turn it into a business at some point in the future. A girl after my own heart, Cassie says she wants to appeal to people like herself: who want to make long term healthy changes to their diet, but don’t want to eat just chicken and broccoli! When you visit her blog, you’ll find there’s a bit of everything: yummy recipes, beauty & lifestyle tips, product reviews and Cassie’s weekly challenges.

Read all about it!

This amazing young woman is a breath of fresh air in the often crazy world of health and fitness. I’m proud to be her partner as we Bridge the Gap and bring the generations closer. I’m looking forward to getting to know her better as our friendship grows too. Age really doesn’t matter and I love the idea of women supporting women; we truly are stronger together.

Go check out Cassie out for yourself at BE FOREVER HEALTHIER.

If you’d like to read the lovely post Cassie wrote about me on her blog: BRIDGING THE GAP

You can discover more about all of the other amazing women who are Bridging the Gap with us on Catherine’s blog: BRIDGING THE GAP 2017

UPDATE: Here are two more fabulous posts you really should read:

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