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We all know that too much sugar and salt isn’t good for us, but do you actually know how much you’re consuming?

Reading food labels isn’t difficult, and it’s the key to knowing exactly what ingredients are in your food, and in what quantities.

Start checking labels regularly and you’ll be amazed at just how many foods contain hidden sugar, including a lot of the ones you think of as healthy.

In fact, around 80% of food on the supermarket shelves contain sugar, yikes! You’re probably eating too much sugar every day without even realising.

iPhone displaying the label reading guide

Can you see why it’s important to have this knowledge and make healthier choices for you and your family when you’re shopping?

Join the Wendy’s Way community, and I’ll send you this free label reading fact sheet. I’ll also tell you why you should ignore the “healthy” marketing claims on the front of food packaging.

Join now, and download this simple, one page guide to your phone, so you can refer to it every time you go shopping.

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