About Me: My Journey – Part 1


So its time for me to start sharing my personal journey back to health and fitness that has taken place over the last few years. To be more precise, I have regained my fitness, but my health is now better than its ever been. For the first time in my life, I care about what I eat because now I understand how important good nutrition is.

I’ve been very happy with my progress over the last three years, as I have gradually improved improved my health and eating habits, but it was the results from the last three months that really inspired me to want to share this with everyone. Obviously I have lost weight, become fitter and stronger and I have been maintaining my current weight for the last couple of years, so the focus lately has been on improving my body composition. To put it simply – decrease body fat and increase muscle mass while remaining the same size and weight. What I’m going to tell you next will probably shock you – I did exactly that in three months without changing my exercise – I decreased my body fat by 2.3% and gained 1kg in muscle mass. And its all down to the food I’ve been eating! So please believe me when I say that eating a healthy diet is the most important thing that you can do for yourself.

I hope that you enjoy reading my story and I hope that it can provide some inspiration, or even just show that you’re never too old! I’m 51 and I feel like I’m the strongest that I’ve ever been – and that feels amazing. I used to be super fit in my 30’s when I was competing in triathlons and half marathons, but I didn’t have the strength then that I have today. And I want women reading this to not be frightened to lift heavy weights; I’m not going to go into a science or biology lesson, just look at my photos – I do two weight training sessions per week, with heavy weights. If you need another reason – building muscle also helps with weight loss and maintenance because it increases your metabolism, so get training!

me on Dunk

These photos are from back when I was super fit, but not so aware of my health!

Dunk pool

I have been fit for most of my life, but I didn’t pay much attention to my diet when I was younger and that really was because I never felt that I needed to. I loved junk food and take aways and I certainly ate my fair share. I considered myself lucky that I was able to eat pretty much whatever I liked and not gain weight, as long as I exercised. And so for many years I ate chocolate, cakes, biscuits, ice cream and all sorts of sugary, highly processed snacks every day without realising that I was starving my body of proper nutrition. Little did I know that I probably could have been a much fitter, stronger, faster athlete if I’d paid more attention to what I was putting in my mouth! The thing is that I didn’t even think about it – I loved exercise, its what I did for a living and for fun and back then I thought that it was the most important component of good health. Now I guess I can say that I’m older and wiser!

Stay tuned for part two of my story next time……….

And as I said earlier, its never too late to be a fitter, healthier you.

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