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On this page you’ll find just a few of my free printable fact sheets and guides that make being healthier easier!

These are some of the tools that my Healthy Normal Revolution members use to achieve their health & fitness goals.

So why am I giving them to you for free?

Great question! My job is to help you live a healthier life, and giving you some “free samples” is the best way I know to introduce you to what I do, and the way I do it.

There are lots of health experts and coaches around with the same knowledge and expertise, you just need to find the one that you ‘click’ with.

So have a look through these freebies, click the button on the one you like, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can join the Wendy’s Way community and access the download.


label reading guide displayed on an iPad

We all know that too much sugar and salt isn’t good for our health, but do you actually know how much you’re consuming?

Reading food labels isn’t difficult, and it’s so important to know exactly what ingredients are in your food, and in what quantities. Start checking labels regularly and you’ll be amazed at just how many foods contain added sugar, for example.

Download this simple fact sheet to your phone, so you can refer to it when you go shopping.


% steps to eating better guide displayed on an iPad

Take some easy steps towards eating better today ? one at a time. Choose one step to work on for the next 2 or 3 weeks, and it’ll start becoming a habit.

Download this free fact sheet, then print it out to keep in your kitchen as a handy reminder. I’ve got lots more helpful tips for you too, when you join the Wendy’s Way Community.


Food diary displayed on an iPad

Food diaries are one of the most powerful, yet underrated tools you can use when you’re making changes to your diet.

Record everything you eat for just 7 days to get an exact snapshot of your current lifestyle, and take away all the guesswork.

Then you can start making real changes, based on accurate information and most importantly, track your progress going forward.


New weekly planner displayed on an iPad
Planning and prep doesn’t need to be complicated! Use this simple planner to organise your meals each week and make a shopping list as you go of the ingredients you need to shop for. If you need more guidance, I’ve got some simple tips for you when you join the Wendy’s Way Community. Click the button to download.


Wendy's Way to Health free playlist pack

These are three of my favourite workout playlists I use in the gym and when I’m out running.

Download them and let me know if they inspire you to go harder and faster when you’re training too!

Run through the 70’s

Across the decades

Guardians of the Galaxy

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