I don’t count calories and I don’t spend hours in the gym.

The “diet” I follow is to eat the foods that suit my body and my lifestyle.

The simple truth is that looking after yourself takes consistent daily effort.

Is it hard work? Sometimes, yes.

Is it worth it? Always, yes!

Let’s start at the beginning ….

You probably arrived at this page because you’re looking for a program to help you lose weight, or improve your health.

I will definitely help you with that, and it’s going to be different from what you’re probably expecting!

You see, I won’t tell you to follow one particular diet, or to eat exactly as I do, or even to train the same way I do.

Why not? Because, you’re not me!

Different things work for different people. My expertise lies in giving you the basics, and helping you to figure out what works best for you.

I won’t beat about the bush; if you want long lasting results, it will take time.

You need to know that, but I’m guessing that’s why you’re here. You’ve already tried a lot of the programs, pills & quick fixes out there.

Now that you know they don’t last very long, you’re here for something better.

At this point, you have two choices.

Join the Wendy’s Way Community to learn more about me and how it all works.
You’ll also get free weekly email updates, tips & recipes.

And you can download my “healthy breakfasts” eBook as a welcome gift.

Or, you can dive right on into The Healthy Normal Revolution ….

Do you  know what would happen if you stopped using the old fashioned “all or nothing” approach? You know, where you start your new diet plan on Monday, make lots of changes all at once, and then quit a few weeks later because it’s all just too hard.

What if you started with just one tiny change instead, what would happen?

Progress! You’d start to make progress.

Yep, and you’d celebrate your first small win, cos that’s what I encourage all of my members to do.

Then you’d move on to the next small change, celebrate that win, and so on. Rinse and repeat, until you have a fit, healthy body and a lifestyle to match.

The Healthy Normal Revolution is not like any other weight loss or healthy living program you’ve tried.

You get 24/7 online access to all of the tools you need: the Healthy Living 101 course, recipe library, training library, and lots of other videos, fact sheets and resources.

The key, however, is working out which bits you need, and when & how to use them to best suit you. And that happens in the forum.

It’s a combination of group and personalised coaching, where you set your goals and track your progress.

I’m there to guide you and answer your questions. The other members will cheer you on.

There’s no pressure or deadlines: just support, accountability and progress.

A few fun facts about me
(this is an “about” page, after all!)

1. I met, and married, my husband Jayson, on a tropical island in North Queensland.

2. We had our honeymoon in Paris, and then lived in the UK for several years, running pubs.

3. I once (unintentionally!) took a shower with a bird eating spider.

4.I used to be super fit in the 90’s. I worked as a trainer, taught aerobics classes and in my spare time I did triathlons & half marathons.

5. The UK is where I was born, but I grew up in Australia. I’ve lived in a lot of different places, including Ayers Rock Resort and Dunk Island.

6. My favourite place to be is at the beach. Walking, running or just to clear the cobwebs.

7. My first career was in fashion, and I also worked in hospitality for a few years. Health & fitness has always been my true passion though, and what I do best.

8. I love to have a glass of wine with dinner – Pinot Grigio is my favourite.

9. I’m a big Netflix fan. Jayson and I watch our favourite shows most nights after dinner.



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 “Small but consistent changes are the key to phenomenal long term results.”

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