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Simple, healthy and delicious

Yes, you can have your cake and be healthy too, with these fabulous recipes! This eBook has 100 pages of mouth watering dessert and snack recipes that taste so good you won’t believe they’re good for you too. You’ll get the latest, updated versions of my best dessert & snack recipes, and a few new ones too.

Why bother?

I love slices, bars, biscuits & muffins, but I don’t love some of the ingredients you find in traditional recipes. So instead of giving up my favourite banana bread, muffins, muesli & snack bars, I decided to “healthify” them.
What does that mean exactly? I use honey and pure maple syrup instead of refined sugar, and I keep the amounts to a minimum, so you can enjoy your sweet treat without overdosing on sugar.

About the ingredients

The flours I use are buckwheat, oat, almond & coconut. I also like to add flax seed and protein powder sometimes too.
I’m not into food labels, so I don’t attribute my recipes to any particular diet style. They’re just healthier versions, made with healthier ingredients! You won’t find calorie counts or macro breakdowns in this collection either, because I believe in eating healthy food in balance and moderation.
So go bake yourself some treats and simply enjoy them!

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Wendy’s Way Community members who purchase this recipe book also get free updates whenever I update or add new recipes.

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5 reviews for Healthy desserts & snacks digital recipe book

  1. Jenny S.B.

    Wendy, thank you so much for these fantastic recipes! I love banana bread and your recipe is so delicious, without all of the excess sugar. I’m also really looking forward to making the mango ice cream bars for Summer desserts as the weather warms up.

  2. Rebecca Phillips

    There are so many things I love about this book.
    1. All of the ingredients are healthy
    2. The photos are real-time and authentic
    3. The recipes all have a “healthy twist” to desserts and snacking-my favorite things to do.
    4. There are several categories to choose from. Some of my favorites are the Breads, particularly the healthy banana nut bread; the Bliss Balls, I love the Jaffa balls; the Cookies and they are no-bake!, the oat cookies…. yum; the master Pancake recipe that you can add any fruit or nut to (frozen blueberries are our favorite); the Veggie Crostini is fabulous as a healthy appetizer for just us or a party and the Green Smoothie is very healthy and versatile. I sometimes add barley grass and seaweed to mine. Great kick to the day.
    The book is extremely affordable and packed with so many diverse, healthy desserts and snacks. Well worth the money!

  3. Heather B

    I won the ebook in one of Wendy’s breakfast challenges. It is terrific. I love the microwave flax buns and the oaty dessert bowls. So yummy, fast and easy. Thank you.

  4. Sandra

    I love both of the pancake recipes in this eBook, thanks Wendy! Trying the muffins next.

  5. Karen

    Yum, yum, yum! The raw choc energy bars are now my favourite pre gym breakfast. One small bar is enough to get me through my workout without a rumbling tummy. And I know the ingredients are all natural and healthy too. I also really like the quick snack ideas at the end of the book for quick and easy post gym snacks.

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