Forever Fierce Day 2019: a tribute to Catherine


It’s the 50th day of the year, so that means it’s Forever Fierce Day 2019!

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that the Forever Fierce Revolution is very close to my heart.

So allow me to take you on a little nostalgic journey, as we enter our third year of this wild ride celebrating everything fabulous and fierce about modern midlife women.

Illustration of 5 stylish women representing the Fierce 50

Where it all began

I’ve been involved with the Forever Fierce Revolution since the first campaign launch in February 2017. Back then we were known as the FIERCE 50!

Our founder, Catherine Grace O’Connell brought together 50 midlife women on the 50th day of the year to show the world that we are a force to be reckoned with!

Click the link above if you’d like to read about how it all started, and meet the gorgeous Karen Brooks, who was my partner for that first campaign.

Karen, Wendy, bliss balls, shoes and the Fierce 50 illustration

Bridging the Gap

It was after the BRIDGING THE GAP campaign in September 2017 that I decided to take a more prominent role in promoting and growing the Forever Fierce Revolution.

I was partnered with the fabulous Cassie Heilbron, of COOK IT REAL GOOD, for that one, where reciprocal mentorship across generations was the focus.

Cassie has similar beliefs and values to mine about healthy eating,  and a few other things, despite the fact that she’s a millennial and I’m a borderline baby boomer/Gen Xer!

Bridging the Gap blog image with Wendy on the left and Cassie on the right

Forever Fierce Day 2018

Last year, it was all about celebrating more of the fabulous members of the Forever Fierce community. I was fortunate enough to be able to feature some of the amazing women I call friends.

Some I’ve known in real life for a long time, and others I’ve only recently met thanks to the world of social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook.

Read about these wonderful women in this post: FOREVER FIERCE DAY 2018


Forever Fierce Day 2018 collage with 8 women blog header

Let’s celebrate Catherine

Now it’s time for a little celebration of our fearless leader, Catherine Grace O!

It would take me way too long to describe the impact this woman has had on my life.

What she has created with the Forever Fierce Revolution, and the women she has touched and brought together just in the time I’ve known her is incredible.

She is supportive, kind, loving, genuine, authentic, real, altruistic and beautiful beyond words.

I’m so honoured to call her my friend, sister and mentor.

And I say all this without having even met her in person – yet!

Hopefully that will be happening later this year at FierceCon, and that, my friends, will be a another fantastic adventure. 😀

Catherine, hands on her head, wearing a Forever Fierce t shirt and black sparkly jacket

But don’t just take my word for it, have a look for yourself!

Learn more about Catherine at CATHERINE GRACE O. And meet the Forever Fierce team HERE.


And make sure you’re following her on Instagram @catherinegraceo

Here are a couple more of my favourite photos of her.

Catherine in a red ball gown at the beach
Catherine in workout gear at the beach

And finally …

Let’s finish with a beautiful video of some of the women from the first ever Fierce Con last year.

In the words of Catherine herself: cheers, beauties! 🥂

Happy Forever Fierce Day 2019!!

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Catherine in a t-shirt with "Fierce is the new black"
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