Introducing The Fierce 50 and My Buddy Karen 

Today, Feb 19th, 2016 marks the launch of the first annual Fierce 50 Campaign bringing together 50 female bloggers over the age of 50 in a celebration of midlife on the 50th day of the year!

Wendy's Way – Karen

I’m honoured to introduce you to my Fierce 50 sister and new friend, Karen Brooks, @wearwithpassion on IG and the Wear With Passion blog.

“One woman can make a difference, but together we can rock the world.”

I met Karen just a few weeks ago when I was fortunate enough to join the Fierce 50 campaign. Catherine McCormick had an idea of 50 women bloggers over 50 coming together to celebrate midlife on the 50th day of the year. She shared her idea with friends and fellow bloggers Cathy Williamson, Shauna Robertson and Deborah Boland and so the Fierce 50 campaign was born! 

You can read Catherine’s original blog post here: The Fierce 50 Campaign Launch

Today marks the official launch of the campaign. And let me assure you, this is just the beginning – we’re all so excited for what lies ahead!

Wendy's Way – the fierce 50

As Catherine says “The midlife we are experiencing is not what it was when our parents and grandparents were growing up. We see midlife as a powerful launching pad for the Second Act in life. It’s a time of coming into oneself and not caring what others think about you. And, it’s a time of connection and collaboration. It’s letting go of the “nonsense” that seemed important at the time. It’s a time of embracing purpose, creativity, joy and connection to one another.”

Now let me tell you about Karen …..

Wendy's Way – Karen
Wendy's Way – Karen

Karen’s just getting started on her journey as a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. As a busy single mum of two, she’s worked as an accountant for most of her life. Now that her kids are growing up and becoming more independent though, Karen’s decided it’s time to follow her passion.

Wendy's Way – Karen

She’s always loved photography and travel and became more interested in fashion after starting her Instagram account just over a year ago. Karen started taking pics for fun to post on IG and her business developed from there when she realised that people were interested in what she was doing.

Karen also loves meeting new people and making connections around the world. Her family has hosted exchange students from several different countries and she loves the way it’s widened her circle and given her a kind of extended family in other countries.


Karen’s developing an ongoing series of interviews for her blog called “The Passion Series” where she hopes that sharing stories about people around the world who are doing what they love will help to inspire others to follow their dreams too.

Wendy's Way – Karen

She doesn’t intend to stop there though, Karen’s also planning to ‘give back’ by contributing to non profit organisation or businesses that resonate with her message of inspiring people to live a passionate life and featuring stories about them on her blog.

I might be biased, but I think the future’s well and truly bright for this fierce sister, so make sure you follow her on Instagram @wearwithpassion and don’t forget to check out her blog Wear With Passion.

Wendy's Way – the fierce 50

Credit to the gorgeous @bethbriggsillustration for this fab illustration!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post and learning more about The Fierce 50 Campaign, please visit this page: Meet The Women of The Fierce 50 where you will find each of the women that are participating in The Fierce 50 along with their blog posts.

If you or someone you know is interested in either joining or supporting the movement, please contact for more information. We have lots more planned for this year and beyond so, stay tuned everyone.

Wendy's Way – Hannah Storm Thrive Global interview

There are already several high profile mid-life women joining the Fierce 50 campaign. One of whom is inspirational sports journalist Hannah Storm. You can read Catherine’s interview with her here: A Conversation with Hannah Storm

Finally, if you’d like to win some great prizes donated by our generous sponsors listed below, we’ll be running a loop giveaway competition on Instagram very soon! Make sure you pop over to Instagram now and follow me @wendyswaytohealth, so you don’t miss out!

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Wendy's Way – fierce 50 sisters
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