A roundup of the best healthy Christmas recipes on the internet

Ah Christmas, it’s such a wonderful time of year, with all of the joy, kindness and giving. It can also be a nightmare for anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle!

So I’ve put together a list of where you can find the best “healthified” Christmas recipes of some of the most popular treats. By “healthified”, I mean that they’re traditional recipes using healthier ingredients. No refined flours or sweeteners and some of them are gluten free, for those who need to avoid gluten.

As you know, I believe in moderation and common sense and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging sometimes. It’s all part of a balanced diet and it’s important to enjoy our celebrations without any feelings of guilt or anxiety attached to the food.

It’s all too easy for Christmas to become overwhelming though. It can be an entire month of celebrations, starting early in December and continuing on into January. So I think it’s nice to have some healthier options to balance out the not-so-healthy ones.

There are a couple of my recipes here and the others are from websites that I trust to use good quality ingredients and real, whole foods.

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Best healthy Christmas recipes: appetisers

Where to find the best healthy Christmas treats

My Christmas Crostini: With a sweet potato base, these crostini are topped with a red onion, tomato & avocado salsa. 

Where to find the best healthy Christmas treats

***UPDATE*** November 2018: Unfortunately, the link to this recipe was just going to the Tuckers Facebook page. I’ve been working on a beetroot dip recipe of my own, so it will be linked here and updated very soon!

Tuckers Natural Beetroot Hummus: If you’re putting together a sharing platter, it’s really nice to make your own dips. This beetroot dip by Tuckers Natural is delicious and Tuckers Natural crackers are a great option if you don’t want to make your own crackers. I’ve linked to their Facebook page, as I could only find this recipe on a post from November 23rd, 2017. So if you like it as much as I do, make a copy!


You’ll find lots more recipes and ideas for crackers, dips and sharing platters on my PINTEREST BOARDS. The Starters and appetisers and the Cocktails and canapès boards are a good place to start.


Best healthy Christmas recipes: cakes & puddings

The Healthy Chef Gluten Free Christmas CakeIf you need to cater for family members with a gluten intolerance, try this Christmas cake recipe.

The Healthy Chef Christmas Pudding: I’m a huge custard fan and I always have pudding at Christmas so I can drown it in custard! This is a delicious sounding Christmas pudding and if you top it off with Teresa’s perfect custard it’ll be super yummo!

The Healthy Chef Mince PiesNot my favourite, but we can’t forget about mince pies.

The Healthy Chef Gingerbread Men: If I make biscuits at Christmas, it’s pretty much always shortbread. You might notice that I haven’t included any healthified shortbread recipes here and that’s because I’ve never found any that taste like proper shortbread. Some things just can’t be healthified! These gingerbread men are a pretty good healthy version tho, I think.

Nadia Lim’s Gingerbread Decorations: These are a fun idea and the kids can get involved in decorating them too.

Best healthy Christmas recipes: desserts

Where to find the best healthy Christmas treats

My Strawberry Tarts: These strawberry tarts have my filling recipe and the pastry cases are from Bianca’s Little Lemon Tarts.

Where to find the best healthy Christmas treats

My Chocolate Truffles: These truffles are easy to make, just make sure you use good quality dark chocolate. You can make two or three different flavours and I think they’re another lovely home made gift.

The Merrymaker Sisters Healthier Trifle: I haven’t tried this recipe by the Merrymaker Sisters, so let me know what you think of it if you do! For me, nothing beats my mother’s trifle recipe. Now that she’s passed on, my sister makes it. It’s very rich and indulgent, but we only have it once a year, so I look forward to it.

Wholefoodsimply’s Vanilla Ice Cream: This is how real ice cream tastes! It’s easy to make, creamy and indulgent  ice cream with no additives that simply tastes amazing.

Wholefoodsimply’s Chocolate Bark: Another one of Bianca’s quick and easy recipes. This bark looks really pretty, so I think it’s a great home made gift.

Nadia Lim’s Christmas Snowballs: If you’re a Christmas snowball fan, then give this recipe of Nadia Lim’s a try.

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  • I’ve also shared a few more of my favourite healthy Christmas recipes in this post:


  • And I’m giving you my best tips and strategies to deal with the onslaught of food and drink, so that you can enjoy the festive season without overindulging:  

Here’s cheers: wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas!!

Where to find the best healthy Christmas recipes

So that’s it! Let me know (via social media) if there’s a Christmas favourite of yours that I haven’t included on this list, or even if you’d like me to find a healthier version of something for you. I love researching and finding recipes, especially healthy ones.

And do let me know if you try my recipes. If you’re on Instagram, post your pics and tag me @wendyswaytohealth and #wendyswaytohealth.

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Where to find the best healthy Christmas recipes
Where to find the best healthy Christmas recipes
Where to find the best healthy Christmas recipes
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