My favourite healthy Easter recipes

(and my easy home made, healthy chocolate recipe)

I’m sharing my favourite healthy Easter recipes with you in this post.

As you guys know, my philosophy is about enjoying a variety of all kinds of food in your diet.

And there should be room for treats, especially at holiday time!

It can become overwhelming though, with the sheer volume of foods on offer that you don’t regularly eat.

So it’s nice to have some healthier alternatives to turn to, if you need a little break from all of the indulgence.

An illustration of brightly coloured Easter eggs

Is Easter in Autumn or Spring for you?

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, Easter signals the gradual descent into Winter. Lots of Aussies go camping at Easter time, as the weather is often still good.

Meanwhile it’s Spring for you guys in the North, and you’re getting excited for Summer and warmer temperatures.

Wherever you live, two things that I know we all enjoy at this time of year, are Easter Eggs, and Hot Cross Buns!

Illustration of a bunny with a basket of Easter eggs

I do prefer to eat dark chocolate these days, and I mostly make my own since I discovered how easy it is to make. It’s also the easiest way to avoid excess sugar and additives.

However, I have been known to consume a Lindt Bunny or two at Easter time. Who can resist that delicious, creamy Lindt chocolate?

If you’re a dark chocolate fan too, try my CHOCOLATE recipe this Easter. These chocolates make lovely home-made gifts for the healthy foodie in your life.

home made 3 ingredient chocolates displayed in a gift box

If you’re entertaining guests this Easter, why not make some healthy treats from my Guilt-free Desserts & Snacks recipe book?

Take some home-made chocolates, bliss balls, or chocolate cake muffins to your social gatherings. No-one needs to know they’re healthier versions, unless you tell them!

With over 40 delicious, healthy recipes, you’ll find something to please everyone.

Desserts eBook cover image on iPad

Healthy Easter recipes and hot cross buns

As for Hot cross buns, I like to eat them for breakfast on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It’s a tradition that I remember fondly and carry on from my childhood.

When I was a little girl, Good Friday was about eating Hot cross buns, and spending the day watching the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal (Victorians will understand this).

It was a telethon with a variety of entertainment going all day, to raise money for Victoria’s children’s hospital. There wasn’t anything else to do back in those days anyway, as everything was closed for the day!

I usually buy my Hot cross buns from the local bakery, and I enjoy the indulgence.

If you’re going to make your own Hot Cross Buns though, I reckon you may as well use the healthiest ingredients you can.

I haven’t tried making them myself, but if I was going to, I’d use recipes from a healthy website like The Healthy Chef, Wholefood Simply, or The Merrymaker Sisters.

A buttered hot cross bun on a plate can be a healthy Easter treat

Where to find the best recipes for healthier hot cross buns, plus a couple of other Easter treats.

Here are my top picks for making your own healthy hot cross buns, from the websites I mentioned above.

From The Healthy Chef:

From Wholefood Simply:

From The Merrymaker Sisters:

close up f a homemade chocolate

Don’t forget to try my HEALTHY CHOCOLATE RECIPE. It really is easy to make, and of course, delicious!

Choc vanilla bliss balls in a container with strawberries

These CHOC VANILLA BLISS BALLS are a great chocolately snack alternative, easy to make treats that would also be a great gift.

chocolate cake muffins with choc chips

My CHOCOLATE CAKE MUFFINS are a healthier muffin option you can take along to a family get together. Why not add some choc chips, it is Easter after all!

Just don’t tell anyone they’re a healthier treat until after you get the compliments.

There are lots more fabulous GUILT-FREE DESSERT & SNACK RECIPES in the eBook that you really must try if you’re entertaining over Easter, or looking for something a bit healthier to take to a BBQ or party.

And remember, if you want to enjoy Easter without indulging in too many treats, it’s good to have a plan. I’ve got some simple tips for you in my EASTER SURVIVAL GUIDE.

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Easter, whatever you’re doing and eating!

Wendy xx

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