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Say no to diets. For good. Seriously.

I’m Wendy, I’m a Precision Nutrition certified coach and I’m going to help you finally achieve your health and weight loss goals, without spending all of your time in the gym or sacrificing your favourite foods. Yep, really!

You can live a normal, healthy life and eat delicious, healthy food like this every day.

Wendy's Way
Wendy's Way
Wendy's Way

Does any of this sound familiar?


you constantly jump from diet to diet and feel like you're always counting calories


you deprive yourself of your favourite foods (and feel guilty when you do indulge)


you think you need to spend hours every week in the gym

And you probably feel like a failure because you can’t stick with it anyway. Well read on, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore – there is a better way!

If you’ve had enough of jumping from diet to diet and you’re ready to live a normal, healthy lifestyle, you need to come and join The Healthy Normal Revolution!

It’s a monthly membership program that gives you ongoing access to all of the tools, resources and support you need to live a healthy, happy, normal life.

“It’s definitely value for money. I’ve tried a few online programs and though they are great short term, they’re not sustainable unless you have no family to think of, endless funds and time to spend half your week in the kitchen!  

I find them to be a massive change all at the beginning and then you you feel like a failure if you miss something. I love the idea of your program that allows you to make the changes slowly and really work on something that fits into your life!
Thank you Wendy, you have really opened my eyes to an achievable healthy lifestyle. The recipes I’ve tried so far have been delicious and I’m really looking forward to taking part in some workouts!”

“I really needed to become more organised and more adventurous with my meals. Wendys great list of recipes and sample meal planners has really helped me. I have now become that bit more organised with my shopping and food prep and hope that this will prevent food waste. I love the fact that with the Healthy Normal Revolution, I can get meal ideas, fitness plans and advice from Wendy whenever I need it.”


“The Healthy Normal Revolution website really is a great one stop shop for everything that you need for a healthy happy lifestyle. There are some great exercise ideas and really tasty looking recipes that I’m looking forward to trying. All that as well as readily available advice from Wendy anytime you need it.”


As a Healthy Normal Revolution member, you’ll have access to exactly what you need, whenever you need it. How great is that?

“Because what you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while” 

Healthy Recipes, Tips & Info From The Blog


Banana Walnut Bread

Banana Walnut Bread Banana bread is one of my absolute favourite snacks and I love to play around by trying different flavours. I've developed my base recipe over the last couple of years to use a combination of flours and other wholesome ingredients.  It's...

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What IS The Healthy Normal Revolution?

I'm so glad you asked! Check out this short video and then I'll explain in more detail below. Let me tell you why you should be excited ....... The Healthy Normal Revolution is about realistically being the healthiest version of you. It's about being ready to...

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Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

This simple yummy chocolate smoothie bowl was the first free recipe that I started sending out to my community members a couple of months ago. Like a lot of my favourite recipes, this one happened by accident. By that I just mean that I didn't plan on creating it. It...

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Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

Immune Boosting Foods When cold and flu season is in full swing, I rely on my favourite natural ways to avoid any nasty bugs that are going around. If you're like me and prefer natural remedies over conventional medicines, then read on! I believe that prevention is...

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Matcha Protein Balls

Well I finally got myself some Matcha powder to experiment with. The first thing I did was make myself a cup of tea so that I could get an idea of the flavour. As a hot drink, I think it tastes quite similar to the Japanese and Chinese Sencha's that are my favourite...

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Quick and Easy Guacamole

  Guacamole in no time at all! I make this guacamole recipe all the time as it's so quick and easy to whip up.  Guacamole is a great way to make avocado a little bit more interesting and you can use it in a number of different ways. Serve it as a delish,...

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